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Bathing and Grooming are essential to a healthy pet.


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Dog Grooming Services in Brentwood, TN

Bathing and Grooming are essential to a healthy pet. We offer a full service grooming salon for dogs with professional grooming stylists. Our groomers have over 25 years of experience.

  • Nail Cutting & Filing
  • Hand Drying
  • No Cage Drying
  • DeShedding
  • Hand Scissoring
  • One on One Attention
  • Most Dogs Ready in 4 Hours

Please Call or Text 615-430-0106 for Pet Grooming Pricing, Appointments & Services


Trey started grooming and showing dogs at the very young age of 6, grooming well over 80k dogs in his lifetime. He prides himself on dog safety and making sure each animal is treated like his own. Trey has been with Happy Retales for 10 years. He is a full time musician in his off time.


Jodi graduated from the New York School of Dog Grooming over 20 years ago. Jodi has worked at Happy Retales for 8 years and is active in animal rescue. On her off time she is a wife and mother to her two beautiful daughters.

Cortez started his career as a professional bather and grooming assistant in 2013 at Crossroads. Cortez as taken multiple classes since then including Trey’s grooming Seminars. He joined the Happy Retales’ team in 2017 and has since grown into an incredible groomer assistant.

Sanitary Trim

For long hair doggies, sanitary hair cutting may be needed to cut long fur from around the bum.

Nail Trim

We cut nails to a prudent length, just short of the toenail quick. Nail trimming prevents painful nail cracking or nails breaking.


We provide breed-specific haircuts. Cuts feature shampoo, dry, and hair trimmed on their head,  paws, and bum.

Full-Service Grooming

Your pet is going to be given a bath, clipped, combed, and beautiful head to toe.

Face Trim

Several pooches need a haircut from around their face. Our groomer will be able to help you identify the perfect style for your dog.

Ear Cleaning

A dog's ears are delicate and vulnerable to infection, excessive wax buildup, and ear mites. Cleaning your pet's ears reduces build-up to help hinder infections and reduce the smell.

Bath & Brush

Our bath service includes shampoo matched for your pets' coat type, leave in conditioner, brush out, nail trimming and filing, and ear cleansing.

Anal Gland Expression

Anal gland expression can help hinder symptoms connected with anal gland irritation. Glands can become infected if liquids are not drained naturally.


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