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Chews and Treats

Treats play a vital role in your dog’s life. They help forge close bonds and aid in training, but they must be nutritious. We require the same high quality standards to our treats as we do our food.

We also recognize that treats serve different purposes – some are rewards, some are for training, some are for teething, some are for breath freshening…and lots are just because we love them!

That’s why you’ll find a variety of healthy treats to match your needs.

Our primary focus is on products Made in USA and we try to source locally whenever possible.

Top Selling Pet Treats include:

  • Bully Stix
  • Cheek Chips
  • Esophagus strips
  • Benebones
  • Elk Antlers
  • Himalayan Chews
  • Tendons
  • Oxtails
  • Buddy Biscuits
  • Real Meat Company treats
  • Freeze dried meats
  • dried sweet potatoes
  • Cheek rolls
  • Jerky treats